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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions For Fort Myers Criminal Lawyers

When should I involve a criminal defense lawyer?

You should consult a criminal defense lawyer as soon as you become aware that you are the subject of a police investigation, immediately after you have been arrested or as soon as you are contacted by law enforcement regarding a criminal matter. Even if charges have not been formally filed against you, you may be at risk of facing prosecution and a conviction for a criminal offense. A lawyer can review your situation and determine whether immediate legal counsel is necessary. In addition to providing you with the legal representation you need in court, an attorney can actually work to ensure that charges are not filed against you.

What types of cases does your firm handle?

At The Law Place, we represent clients in all types of felony and misdemeanor criminal cases throughout Fort Myers and the surrounding areas in Lee County, Florida. This includes DUI, traffic violations, drug crimes, violent crimes, sex crimes, domestic violence and more.

What is a sex crime?

A sex crime refers to an unlawful act that is sexual in nature. It may include certain deviant sexual activities, the exchange of sex acts for money, indecent exposure, forced or unwanted sexual activity or sex acts with a minor. All sex crimes are particularly serious due to mandatory sex offender registration if the defendant is convicted.

What is a drug crime?

A drug crime in Florida is a criminal offense related to controlled substances. This may include the production, manufacturing, cultivation, sale, distribution, possession, trafficking, import, export or transportation of illegal narcotics or prescription drugs as well.

Do you offer a free consultation?

Yes. We offer a free initial case evaluation to give a skilled criminal defense attorney the opportunity to review your particular case and advise you on your rights and options.

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