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If you are ever arrested, this will show up as a negative mark on your criminal record – even if formal charges are not filed against you. The same applies if you are charged with a crime but are cleared of all guilt. Your criminal record will contain information of arrests, charges, convictions and acquittals. If you have a criminal record, this can affect your ability to get a job or a promotion, as well as to receive certain loans.

Many clients approach our expungement attorneys with the intention of clearing their criminal records to achieve peace of mind and better opportunities. Through the expungement process, an attorney can work to have the courts effectively “erase” your criminal record in order to give you the fresh start you need. This process is complex, however, and there are specific requirements that you must meet in order to qualify:

  • This must be your first expungement – you cannot have gone through this process before;
  • You cannot have been convicted of a misdemeanor or felony offense;
  • You must not be under any form of probation or other court supervision; and
  • You cannot have received a withhold of adjudication.

Attorneys for Fort Myers and Lee County Expungement

Let a skilled expungement lawyer at Finebloom & Haenel review your situation and determine whether you may qualify to have your criminal record cleared. We believe that you deserve the chance to face your future with a clean slate. We can file your expungement petition and help you through the entire process in order to ensure it is completed successfully. We represent clients throughout Fort Myers and the surrounding areas in Lee County and offer a free initial case evaluation to get you started.

Contact an expungement attorney at our firm today to find out whether you qualify!

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