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Whether you are facing potential license suspension or are facing criminal charges involving driving with a suspended license, you need an attorney to help you challenge your license suspension or fight your criminal charges.

At Finebloom & Haenel, our experienced criminal defense lawyers understand how to deal with all kinds of license suspension issues. Knowingly driving on a suspended license is a serious criminal offense, and a conviction may result in imprisonment, extended license suspension and fines. Unknowingly driving on a suspended license is an infraction, punishable only by fines and not imprisonment. No matter the specific situation, an attorney at our firm can help. We offer a free initial case evaluation to discuss your license suspension issue and see how we can assist you. At Finebloom & Haenel, we represent clients throughout Fort Myers and the surrounding areas in Lee County, Florida.

Many times, a driver may have his or her license suspended due to accumulating too many points on their driving record. Simply paying a ticket (such as one for driving on a suspended license) actually counts as a conviction and will result in the assessment of points on your record. Accumulate enough points, and you will be labeled a Habitual Traffic Offender.

Driving on a Suspended License Charges in Lee County, Florida

Do not let a traffic violation result in mandatory jail time and other serious penalties. Fight your charges and fight to keep your driver’s license with the assistance of a skilled criminal defense lawyer at Finebloom & Haenel. With our experience and resources at your side, you have the opportunity to keep your driving privileges and avoid a conviction.

Contact a criminal defense lawyer at our firm regarding our legal matter.

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